For adrenaline junkies with no plans tomorrow, the Hydr8 Zero Tough Guy and Gal Challenge is bound to get your blood pumping.

Held at Lakes Ranch in Tikitere, the event is designed to put competitors through the ringer and see if they can stand the test.

The course includes water trails, net climb, barb wire obstacles, swamp crossings, native bush trail, wobbly water bridge, open paddock running, hurdles, wire rope bridge and tunnels.

Registration manager Aimee Gregory said the challenge was a great way to have fun, exercise, and interact with others.


"The event is all about having a good time and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. We hold it in winter each year so there is a lot of water, mud and crazy obstacles to overcome."

Ms Gregory said there was always a great atmosphere in Rotorua.

"Everyone taking part in the event is really friendly so even if you've never done it before, it's great to get involved and meet some new people.

"No matter your size or fitness level, the event is made for everyone and anyone."

For the first time in Rotorua, the Junior and Jetts Secondary School Tough Guy and Gal Challenges will be run in conjunction with the adult event.

Tailored for primary, intermediate, and secondary school students, the two challenges start today from 11am.

The unique courses will include all the same perks as the adult competition such as spot prizes, hot showers, merit awards and goody bags.

Entries for the Secondary Schools competition are limited.


There is a 1.5km option for Year 3 to 4 pupils and a 3km option for Year 5 to 8 pupils.


What: Hydr8 Zero Tough Guy and Gal Challenge
Where: Lakes Ranch, 79 Lake Rotokawau Road, Tikitere
When: Junior today from 11am. Adults tomorrow from 11am
Cost: Juniors from $20, secondary school $45 and adults $65.