Like most community groups, members of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust knows what it feels like to go round with their hands out asking for money all the time.

So when Christchurch fashion designers Chalkydigits approached the Rotorua trust offering to raise funds, trust supporter Margaret Horner said she "almost fell off her chair".

The campaign, which saw Chalkydigits create a kokako-themed badge which they sold, has raised $17,000 for the trust.

The money will go into the Kokako Nest Egg fund, an investment fund set up to enable the trust to become largely self-sufficient and ensure the sustainability of its work.


The aim is to get the nest egg fund up to $150,000 so that it gives them a sustainable income with money going towards items like purchasing the toxins for the all-important pest control.

At this point the fund has about $92,000 in it.

Trustee Tim Day said the trust had been blessed with volunteers giving their time.

"What the nest egg provides is that cold hard cash ... that allows us to get out there and do the work," he said.

Chalkydigits representative Teresa Scott said the founder of the business was passionate about the environment and giving something back.

"We wanted to work with a smaller environmental organisation and raise awareness and money," said Ms Scott.

She said the bird appealed because it was "so rare" and "elegant".

Ms Scott said it was great to see the work being done to ensure future New Zealanders would be able to see the birds in years to come.Since the Kaharoa Kokako Trust was set up in 1997, the number of kokako in the Kaharoa Forest has increased from just 26 to 121 adult birds, as well as a large number of juveniles, according to Ms Horner.