Tia Loffley hopes her long locks can be put to good use after having her head shaved at a fundraiser.

The Rotorua mum was among six people who had their heads shaved at a family fun day on Saturday to raise money for her family, Shave for a Cure and Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

Her daughter Tianajay Klomp-Loffley, 4, is in Starship Hospital having completed chemotherapy treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia.

"My hair was down my back so I had it plaited before it was cut off," Ms Loffley said. "I've kept it in case anyone on the ward at Starship wants it for a wig. I know how much they pay for wigs so I'll ask when I next head up there."


She said Tianajay was not fazed by having no hair but at least she now knew herself what it felt like.

"It feels cold. Having no hair is a very different feeling."

The event, at Selwyn School, was organised by Tianajay's aunt Miriarangi Loffley, who also had her head shaved. It was hoped around $10,000 would be raised, the money was still being counted last night.

Tianajay had only been able to return to Rotorua once since April but her mum said with chemotherapy treatment finished they were waiting for a hospital release date.

"It was sad that she couldn't be here but this was all for her so we were happy that we could do something for her," Ms Loffley said.

"She has had all her treatment so we're now on the slow recovery. She's been in Starship for five months but we know that you don't stop being a cancer child."