Rotorua experienced a swarm of weak earthquakes early yesterday.

The quakes occurred between 12.30am and 1.50am, and ranged in intensity from 1.9 magnitude to 2.7.

No damage or injuries were reported to emergency services.

Rotorua District Council emergency management co-ordinator Pauline Hitchcock said residents should not panic as earthquakes often occurred in the area.


She said residents should use the experience to ensure their homes and businesses were prepared should a big earthquake occur.

"We can use them as a reminder, yes we are vulnerable and in Rotorua earthquakes often happen. They are a force of nature over which we have no control."

Mrs Hitchcock said earthquakes were a fact of life in New Zealand.

For anyone wanting to ensure they were prepared, pamphlets and brochures were available from the foyer at the Rotorua District Council.

For more information check out

Prepared emergency kits are available at selected retailers.

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Where were the earthquakes located:

Time Location Magnitude Depth

12:29:44am Rotorua Lake off Lakefront Drive 1.9 10 km

12:30:59am Lakefront Drive /War Memorial Park 2.4 8 km

12:32:56am Motutaru Golf course 2.4 5 km

12:49:02am where Amohau Street becomes SH 30 2.4 7 km

01:21:41am Sulphur Point 2.2 8 km

01:52:59am Between Fenton, Pukaki, Whakakaue and Hinemaru Streets 2.7 9 km