A tongue-in-cheek appraisal of New Zealand's vices has revealed Rotorua as the country's centre of lust.

With data sourced from the New Zealand Transport Agency, Statistics New Zealand, other government departments and Zenbu, the 'Seven Deadly Sins' has been created across each region.

Rotorua comes in as the centre of lust


Rotorua teens and young adults have the highest rates of chlamydia in the country, but a clinician says this doesn't mean the place is a den of iniquity with relaxed sexual attitudes.

The Lakes District Health Board reported 691 cases between July and December last year for its 103,100 population - making it the country's chlamydia capital.

But Dr Tania Pinfold, clinical leader (youth health), said it was difficult to know whether the issue was under-reported or even over-reported.

"It's very difficult to draw any sweeping conclusions, which is kind of frustrating, but in a backwards way we kind of celebrate getting high rates because we are getting lots of people in," she said.

"When you have a service where a bunch of young men come in and say, 'I think we should have a check, miss', that's a really good reflection of the quality of that service and the perception the young people have of it."

Dr Pinfold said sexually active teens from the age of 15 and young people to the age of about 25 were the most at risk.

"They are becoming sexually active and not settling down in relationships so they are sort of going through that very social phase without the long-term relationships."