Mt Ngongotaha is being turned into a mountain of rubbish after locals found more piles of household trash dumped on the side of the mountain.

Clayton Rd resident and Keep Rotorua Beautiful volunteer Piripi Bishop said he spotted the new dump site off Mountain Rd at a lookout area just down the road from another popular dump site the Rotorua District Council had installed security cameras at to prevent illegal dumping.

"They just seem to have found another place to throw their rubbish."

Mr Bishop said he was saddened and disappointed at the sight of the mess he blamed on lazy locals who couldn't be bothered using rubbish bags, the recycling centre or the local landfill.


"It's so sad to see, especially since this is a lookout over the city. The mountain might get angry like Tongariro or White Island.

"You get a beautiful view of the city here and then you look down and see all of this rubbish, it's really sad," he said.

Most of the rubbish dumped was recyclable - empty alcohol bottles, beer and bourbon cans, paper, cardboard and plastic.

Evidence of a possible culprit was found on a discarded courier bag at the site and was given to council staff by The Daily Post who said they would try and prosecute any offenders caught illegally dumping rubbish.

Council Works manager Peter Dine said security cameras and signs had worked well at a popular illegal dump site further up the road but illegal dumping was a problem for all councils.

He said he did not think landfill fees were putting people off dumping their rubbish legally.

"The majority of people pay just $10 for a full carload of waste - Rotorua's landfill fees are cheaper than many comparable councils.

"One of the main methods of illegal dumping in Rotorua is rubbish dumped in council refuse bags which would actually cost nothing to leave out for kerbside collection.


"Despite this, many bags get dumped illegally which can hardly be blamed on the cost of landfill fees. Even if the landfill was free, some irresponsible individuals in our community would continue to dump their waste illegally."

Mr Dine said waste management and disposal was an expensive business and was becoming increasingly more costly after the introduction of the Government's new Emissions Trading Scheme. "Someone has to pay for these costs and the council applies a broad user-pays approach to disposal of waste, in-line with most councils." He said that in the past two financial years the council had spent almost $35,000 tidying up after illegal dumpers.

Landfill charges rose on July 1.

The cost for a carload of waste at the landfill increased from $7.50 to $10. The cost for single axle trailers, vans and utes increased from $22.50 to $30 and the per tonne landfill disposal cost increased from $92 to $138.

"The increase on 1 July this year coincides with the start of our financial year and was the first increase for some years. It took into account increased operational costs over recent years ..."

Commercial Landfill Charges

  • Landfill disposal: $138 per tonne.

  • Recycled green waste/untreated wood waste: $17.25 per tonne.

  • Recycled clean concrete asphalt: $17.25 per tonne.

Domestic Landfill Charges:

  • Single-axle trailer, van or ute, with coupon $30.

  • Tandem trailer, with coupon $60.

  • Car, with coupon $10.

  • A $2.50 surcharge applies to all cash payments.