Mokoia Intermediate students went to Thornton Beach near Whakatane for a recent school camp, enjoying beach activities and working on their creative writing skills. Some of the students' work has found its way on to this week's schools page.

By David Eum

It was like D-Day on Thornton Beach. The rain battered our backs like soldiers being hit by bullets from the machine guns. The rain was defending its land at all costs, preventing us from doing outdoor activities, stopping the invader from occupying its land. Like all battles the sun eventually shone.

By Eaun Robinson


We dashed across the golden grainy sands of Thornton Beach, dirtying the surface. Slowly the tide came in flooding the stretch of sand. Yelling we charged into the water like maniacs with clubs. The whistle blew. We left. All was quiet. The water receded and the beach was redecorated once again.

By Leroy Loader

Thornton Beach is the most harmonious place for relaxation and unwinding particularly after a stressful day. The peacefulness of the waves, the soft sand, the beaming sun and the inspiration of the scenery gives you the urge to lie back and admire the view. All these things brought together and spread across a gorgeous beach is truly a step away from heaven. Yes these features are great but who better to share it with than a friend or two while you wait for a tug on your line. This is why I think the beach is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.