People caught dropping litter face a maximum $400 fine under a tough new proposal in Rotorua.
Rotorua District Council wants to fine litterbugs caught dropping rubbish in public places or private property - and will ask people to dob in offenders.
The plan has been approved by the council's planning and bylaws committee but still needs council approval on August 27.
It will then have to be publicly advertised.
If it goes ahead, the regime will give the council's 19 warranted litter officers the power to fine those who litter in or on a public place, or in or on private land without the consent of the land occupier.
Council regulatory and support services manager Jim Nicklin said that while officers would use discretion, the message would be "dispose of your waste properly or face the consequences".
"It's not just large-scale dumping that trashes our environment," he said.
"How many beer cartons, McDonald's wrappers and empty bottles, not to mention used disposable nappies do you see?
"Litter is a community issue and council will be looking to the community to assist in identifying alleged offenders and also by reporting through the normal channels," Mr Nicklin said.
If someone makes a complaint about a litterbug, they would need to provide a statement to the council. The council would then need to be satisfied that the statement contains accurate information before an infringement notice was issued. People expressed concerns over litter when they made submissions on the council's 10-year plan - prompting the crackdown.
A large-scale dumping was uncovered last month off State Highway 33, near Okere Falls - the latest in a string of rubbish dumpings around Rotorua.
The council's solid waste manager Roselyn Sievers described the scene as "horrendous" and said the dumpers were "environmental terrorists".
"There was a houseful of stuff and multiple bags of rubbish.
"It looked like the contents of a flat or a bach was just left there. It was disgusting," she said.