OKERE Falls Store cafe has had a steady flow of kayakers, travellers and loyal locals since it opened nine years ago.

You can see why it continues to be such a popular spot, with its relaxed ambience, live music, a changing line-up of beers and tasty food.

Okere Falls is only about 15 minutes from town but you feel like you are in holiday mode.

You can generally leave the store guilt free, as the moderately priced and portioned food means you won't blow your budget or your gut. They have a vegetable garden out the back and everything is biodegradable - including the plates and cutlery.


Okere Falls Store also has a wide range of organic products, gourmet and everyday groceries, Italian and German treats and New Zealand artisan food.

-The Food: There is a cabinet and menu items for those at various ends of the healthy-eating spectrum. A revamped summer menu had staff favourite the Revitalising Salad, which was beetroot, quinoa, kale, mint, almond, sultanas, pumpkin seeds, red pepper, red onion. It is totally raw and keeps you energised for the rest of the day. Those looking for something more conventional have options, including bacon and egg baps, croissants with ham, cheese and tomato, vegetable frittata and a variety of salads. I had the chicken wrap with haloumi, aubergine and mushroom. The wrap was served with sour cream and onion relish and was delicious.

-The Drinks: The green smoothie was light and fresh, and acted as an afternoon pick-me-up. It was made from kale, mint, basil, pineapple, coconut water and cucumber. Okere Falls Store also makes milkshakes. The coffee is good and from Rocket.

-The Service: Was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I had my wrap and smoothie within 10 minutes, despite there being a large group of people there for an end of year function.

-The Prices: Nothing in the cabinet was over $15. The chicken wrap was $9.50, a take-away cup full of Revitalising Salad was $8.50.

-Overall: A great spot with a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy a coffee, a meal or a drink.

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Open 7am to 7pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 7am to 8.30pm Thursday to Saturday.

They are running an $8 marguerita special from 5pm on a Thursday.