Kiwi musicians Ladi6 and Kora are ultimate performers, amazing talents and can entertain crowds with ease.

Both took to the stage at Brewers Bar, Mt Maunganui on Tuesday night as part of the Ladi6 Summer Review Hitchin' a Ride Tour with Kora.

Ladi6 exuded the soulful sound she is known for when she took to the stage before Kora. She was amazing and judging by the reception, she was well-received ... I've even seen Facebook comments from people who loved her performance with one even saying she could turn a straight woman gay.

Kora - the high energy performers - amazed the audience with new and old songs - all of which had the crowd pumping.


The band's stage presence is world-class and how that impacts on their audience is great. While I loved every moment of Kora's performance, I couldn;t help but enjoy the mood they put everyone in. Everyone around me in the crowd were having a good time, dancing around (many of them to their own beat) and just enjoying the music.

It was clear most of those attending were there to see the Kora boys, especially when they asked who had come from their hometown of Whakatane and the crowd responded.

Everything about the event was amazing - the atmosphere, the set-up and the sound quality couldn't be faulted. And of course, who could forget why the large crowd had turned up ... to see and enjoy the amazing talent from two of New Zealand's best.

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