This time it's the very impressive Fucked Up. Do be ' />

Every few years along comes a shouty band that manages to demonstrate that punk's not dead, oh no.
This time it's the very impressive Fucked Up. Do be careful Googling them.
Hailing from Toronto, they are on the surface, the full-on, hardcore outfit suggested by their name.
But you soon realise there's a lot more to it.
The piano, lead guitar and electronic beeps and whirrs of the opening track spring from the prog monster that gave birth through rebellion to punk in the first place. Then the shouting starts. It's an unholy cross between punk rock and prog rock that could only exist in the unique rock opera that is David Comes to Life.
Yes, a rock opera. Apparently there's a story here, but it's a bit hard to make out the lyrics.
According to publicity material, it's a four-part play set in a British industrial town in the late 70s. There's some dark moods and inner psyche stuff (a la Dark Side perhaps?) and apparently the David of the title loses his lover during a war. But don't worry about the story too much - you've got to hear the music.
Despite the shouting it can be incredibly melodic, with touches of indie rock, honey-smooth female vocals. I won't single out any tracks as highlights, because as it's a concept album you really need to take it all in at once. And you really should.
Rating: ****1/2