Croucher Brewing and the SPCA Rotorua are teaming up, with a custom beer being made as an SPCA fundraiser.

The beer will be called Crouchers Hair of the Dog SPCAle.

Brew Bar co-owner Paul Croucher said the target for the beer was 4 per cent alcohol.

It was inspired by the New Zealand draught beer style and would be made from mosaic hops, which were from the United States and were fruity, he said.


Mr Croucher said the brewery was getting behind the SPCA because it was a great local cause and felt like a good fit.

"Sue [Kennedy, SPCA Rotorua manager] was telling us they do not get external funding and are really reliant on donations from individuals and companies."

Ms Kennedy said the beer would be launched and available on tap at a quiz night on May 31, with more details to be confirmed.

All proceeds from the night and a percentage from each beer sold would go directly to SPCA Rotorua, she said.

Ms Kennedy encouraged people to go along, support the fundraiser and challenge their mates - "there will be some great prizes".

"A lot of our supporters are also beer drinkers and we want to engage the community."

Ms Kennedy said they were always grateful for local support, especially from local businesses. Without it, the SPCA would not be able to do what it did.