Rotorua-based list MP Fletcher Tabuteau's private member's bill has been pulled from the ballot.

The New Zealand First bill, pulled from the Members' Ballot today, will axe the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement's (TPPA) 'Trojan Horse' provisions, which allow foreign corporations to sue the New Zealand government for billions of dollars.

"The Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill in my name is our opportunity to learn the truth about the TPPA.

"It gives New Zealanders a chance to ban our government from signing any treaty that gives foreign corporates the right to seek compensation if they believe our laws affect their business," said Mr Tabuteau, the New Zealand First spokesman for Commerce and Trade.

"Leaks from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations show provisions that put the interests of foreign corporates ahead of the New Zealand public. Our bill will stop such provisions known as investor-state dispute settlements.

"This is wrong. New Zealanders must rule our country, not foreign businesses. New Zealand absolutely relies on our exports so trade is essential but the price of trade agreements shouldn't mean selling our soul.

"It is wrong that the National government maintains a shroud of secrecy around TPPA negotiations, especially when they go well beyond being just a trade agreement. National must do right by New Zealanders and let them know just what this government is prepared to give away to overseas corporates.

"New Zealand First's Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill will mitigate the worst of these new age trade deals."

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