You don't have to go far to experience open spaces in Rotorua. There are 110 parks and reserves in the Rotorua urban area - plenty of choice to get out of your house and enjoy some fresh air.

Each suburb has a selection of places to go, whether it's a large open expanse used for sports, such as Neil Hunt Park, the Murray Linton Rose Gardens in Fenton Park or smaller children's playgrounds, such as at Carroll Pl in Owhata, Pullar Park in Fordlands and Aquarius Dr reserve at Kawaha Point.

If you have children why not take time to visit a different playground each weekend. You could call it a mystery trip and give playgrounds points for what equipment they have.

If you want to escape families, why not go for walks at Centennial Park, Linton Park or Kuirau Park. At Hannah's Bay there's a wheelchair accessible wetland walkway. There's also a wetland walkway at Lake Okareka.


You can book a reserve for a sports game, or a function like a family gathering, wedding ceremony or work barbecue, but the reserves must be open to other members of the public. Many weddings have been held at the Band Rotunda in the Government Gardens as well as at Murray Linton Rose Gardens.

A full list of parks and reserves and what they feature is available from the Rotorua District Council and on its website. You can find which reserves are suitable for dogs and whether they are able to go off-lead or not.

The Rotorua Daily Post Essential 50 lists the city's must-see, must-do and must-try activities and experiences as nominated by readers. We'll be highlighting one every day over summer.

1 Feb, 2014 11:00am
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