Continued growth is putting pressure on Mangawhai's infrastructure so the Kaipara District Council is working on a new town plan for the town.

KDC chief executive Graham Sibery said the council will work with the community to look at roads, stormwater, water supply, landscapes, land development and density, and urban design.

"Growth in Mangawhai has been significant and we need planned growth, with infrastructure to support it. This means, not just providing roads and pipes and water, but the right types of development to cater for a range of needs and sensitive environments," Mr Sibery said.

"This is a significant, exciting and long-term project that will involve the community. It is important that Mangawhai grows in a considered way, understanding the amount of traffic we can expect, how pedestrians and vehicles interact, where our walking or cycling tracks might go, the health of our beach and waterways, and the type of homes that are built and where they'll go."


He said Mangawhai residents choose to live there because of the beautiful environment and great lifestyle.

"We need to look ahead now, so that our infrastructure and town design will be appropriate for the long-term and the outstanding qualities of Mangawhai are preserved."

A community panel has been appointed to represent the community's views, provide feedback to the council as the plan is developed, and guide the process. The panel chair is Belinda Vernon, who will be joined by Joanna Roberts, Dr Ian Greenwood, David Wingate, Richard Gunson, and Kelli Sullivan.

Former KDC acting chief executive Dr Jill McPherson will support the project team.
As the project team develops options, the community will be able to see the possibilities and voice their own thinking about what could be put in place, Mr Sibery said.

"We plan to have open days and workshops to gain this feedback about potential solutions, because that will help us shape the draft document for the Mangawhai Town Plan," he said.

There will be formal consultation on the draft plan, when it is completed, around June 2017. For more information check out