Making the world a better place for vulnerable young people is a big part of why Tauranga's first Pride Picnic is returning next year.

That, and the incredible success from the inaugural lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) event, organiser Gordy Lockhart says.

Hundreds of people attended the first picnic in March this year. This week, organisers launched the second Pride Picnic which will be held in March, 2020.

Organiser Gordy Lockhart said the picnic was about celebrating the different factions of society together, free of discrimination and judgement. The first picnic went so well, organisers were keen to create another.


"It's inspiring to see these brave young people being themselves, showing how happy and comfortable they are to be themselves. That's what we need," he said.

"It was amazing to have the first one in Tauranga, to see these young people quite happy to be who they want to be and stand there holding hands with the person they wanted to hold hands with, regardless of views and stares and glances."

Lockhart said the picnic was not only for members of the LGBT community, but for anyone. The key question was "what does pride mean to you", he said.

"We all remember being a teenager; You are struggling to find your identity regardless of what that even is. And to understand as you get older that you might be different from what society views as the norm, it can be a scary and not happy place to be."

Flying the rainbow flag for the launch of Tauranga's second Pride Picnic. Photo / George Novak
Flying the rainbow flag for the launch of Tauranga's second Pride Picnic. Photo / George Novak

What often helped was acceptance from the wider community, he said.

"It's about pride in our community."

"We are very much aware of our impact in the world, and I like to think we all have a responsibility to the world we live in to make it a better place."

Sixteen-year-old Bailey Hocking performed at the first picnic and will speak at the upcoming event.


"The LGBTQ community has faced a lot of trial and persecution. For me, pride is about celebrating the achievements and progress that we've made."

"Pride is for everyone and pride looks different for everyone. Some people take a really long time to make that journey, then for some people, it's just celebrating who they are."