Earlier last week, the call was made to some community leaders to share their views on why it was important to give back this Christmas appeal. When Rotorua Intermediate principal Garry De Thierry was approached, he said he thought it was more appropriate to give some of the younger members of the community a chance to share their views. Tia Rangiahua and Youzhen Han do incredible work at their school to lend a helping hand, so they were chosen to share why they think this year's appeal is vital.


In this generation with many becoming incredibly busy with hectic schedules, society is becoming less aware of the less fortunate compared with the previous generations.

This Christmas, we encourage our community to give back.


Children look up to adults that surround their everyday lives as role models. Children need older role models that guide them on a path of kindness and compassion.

If everyone gave back to the community and showed kindness of any degree, that would surely affect our society positively, providing a safe and loving environment
that would overpower the negativity in today's world.

Giving back not only benefits others, but causes a ripple effect that reaches to many other people; this ripple effect is what the world needs.

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Kindness is contagious, with one good deed, it can lead to many more, strengthening communities. It is also not difficult to lose morals, causing many to become unaware of the less fortunate.

There are many ways to give back. Donating can ease the struggles of the many families who also need food, clothes, warmth and shelter thus alleviating the problem of poverty, struggles and suffering.

Volunteering can be a very easy but effective way to give back; helping out retirement homes, animal shelters or homeless shelters can be incredibly fulfilling and can make someone's day.

Being unkind causes conflict, destruction of morale and a very judgemental society. We should aim for the opposite; boosting morale, a tight-knit community and a compassionate society.


Whether you are giving time or money to someone who needs it, a little goes a long way.

It could be as little as donating your old clothes rather than throwing them away. It is important to show compassion and gratitude for what we have been given.

In conclusion, every act of kindness counts, for Christmas instead of receiving, let's give.

- Tia Rangiahua and Youzhen Han