Everything happens for a reason and Rotorua's Jacob Chrisohoou knew his group's collection of food would go to a good cause.

Chrisohoou is one of five male youth group leaders at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On Sunday, they heard a talk from a fellow member whose message centred around how you didn't need to have a reason to do good things for others.

So with that in mind Chrisohoou and his youth group leaders put the feelers out to see how much food and groceries they could collect.


They sent out messages to people they knew who might like to donate spare items from their cupboards.

The Rotorua Daily Post spotted their pleas and now their good work will be donated to the newspaper's Christmas Appeal.

"We knew it would find a way to go to the right place and the Salvation Army is an awesome organisation."

This year's appeal, run in conjunction with the Rotorua Weekender and The Hits 97.5FM, is collecting non-perishable food items to help Rotorua's Salvation Army foodbank.

Chrisohoou said the group of 10 young people aged between 12 and 17 had been thrilled with the number of people who had donated. They currently had boxes of pasta, canned goods, cereals and fruit packs for children.

The church's female leaders have also been on a drive of their own, collecting large amounts of food which will be going to some nominated needy families.

"I've popped into places like Four Squares and shops too and asked for help," Chrisohoou said.

"Everyone's been great but it's really hard to ask for stuff as well. We know everyone is struggling at this time of year so we have been amazingly grateful for what we have got."


The youth groups will continue collecting until Sunday.