From where Brett Angell's sitting, he's only ever embarked on a coaching campaign with Hawke's Bay United because he wanted to do it for the good of the game.

Not willing to reapply for his position after five seasons, Angell believes now it's a case of who is going to provide him an opportunity to carry on coaching because he's still got a lot to give but he does want to get that in the right way.

Brett Angell didn't consider Hawke's Bay United franchise's request to reapply for the head coach's position as a "writing on the wall".

"There were a couple of reasons why there's a little bit of uncertainty around certain things outside of football that put my commitment under some scrutiny," says Angell, after informing the Hawke's Bay national summer league franchise last week he wasn't going to seek a sixth season at the helm of the Thirsty Whale-sponsored outfit.

"It's more personal around that than anything else," he says but declines to elaborate.

Angell has enjoyed his five seasons immensely, grateful for