Age is just a case of mind over matter for American import Brandon Bowman in his second stint in the New Zealand national Basketball League.

The 34-year-old power forward treats his body like a temple and feels as motivated as he was when he was 21, in a bid to help the Hawks claim only their second NBL crown.

Within 30 seconds of breathing down a dictaphone it becomes blatantly clear Brandon Bowman doesn't prescribe to the ornamental preparations of embellishment.

You somehow get the impression Bowman's career is the product of a durable fabric and he'll let journalism embroider it to tailor its needs.

"It seems that I fit in pretty well with what we're trying to do," says the 34-year-old American import before his fourth game for the Taylor Corporation Hawks who tip off at 7pm against the Southland Sharks in round seven of the National Basketball League (NBL) today.

As it turned out, Bowman took court