Plunket is a household name in New Zealand and one that is associated with babies and support.

It is the country's major provider of support services for children under 5.

It monitors children's health and development, reassures parents that they are doing all the right things for their children and assists those struggling to deal with parenthood.

I remember looking forward to the Plunket nurse's visit and being rather pleased with myself when told my baby had gained weight and I was doing well. When I look back now that was more luck than design.


It's not easy being a new parent, more so these days as families are scattered and new parents tend to have less family support.

The not-for-profit organisation was formed more than 100 years ago by Sir Frederic Truby King. His goal was to help mothers and save babies who were dying from malnutrition and disease.

Today the principle remains the same — to help mothers and babies.

This week The Hits radio station launched its Pledge for Plunket. It's one of Plunket's major fundraisers for the year and hosts Adam Green and Megan Banks are doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things to raise money for this deserving cause.

If every parent gave just $5 (the price of a cup of coffee) Plunket would get a huge boost — a small price to pay for such a good cause.

Listen out to the Hits Breakfast show between 6am and 9am — any donations can be made via