Does anyone remember that old wartime saying, referring to visiting American soldiers ... overpaid, oversexed and over here?

I think the phrase needs updating and that it should apply to many of us.

Overbearing, oversensitive and over the top!

An example of this became apparent when last weekend I spent a few hours online, reading through the plethora of comments on the Chronicle's Faceache ... oops ... Facebook page, it made for a fascinating study.


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Between Refugee Resettlements and till receipts exposing grossly overpriced Ginger Beer, it was akin to a Netflix binging session.

While the comments were varied and interesting it was the replies that told the real story.

Some of those that chose to argue or disagree, as is their right, ironically proved the point I made in my own column - that we are perfectly okay being critical of others but incapable of taking their criticism, with some of the comments straying from the real issue and sadly becoming personal.

Many accused posters of being judgemental - just before they went on to judge the person making the comment.

With so little personal responsibility these days, I wouldn't expect these people to be aware of their own hypocrisy.

But it got me thinking ... yes, it does happen from time to time, about doing my bit for the Whanganui economy.

I'm thinking of opening up my own Op Shop. That's Op as in Opinion, not Opportunity.


As we no longer seem to be able to have our own opinions, let alone have them respected, I figure why not make a quick buck and tell people what to think.

I can recall a quote I once heard - "When I want your opinion I'll give it to you".

The idea is hardly a new one, it's what propaganda, good marketing and embedded journalism have been based on for decades.

My unique point of difference will be that fab catch-phrase, "transparency".

Instead of misrepresenting the truth by lying, manipulating and covertly misleading you, I'll just come right out and bullsh*t straight to your face.

A new and refreshing concept that is long overdue.

There will be a range of Opinions on sale, to suit every budget.

My store, The Brain Sell, will offer the following services.

"The Basic Mind Bender" will be as the name suggests. A basic Opinion on the topic of your choosing - select from a positive, negative or neutral spin. $5.00 with a free toy for kids under 12.

"The On the Fence" is designed specifically for those who are scared to offend anyone. It will be comprised of one thoughtful but neutral opinion that will showcase your impartiality and make you appear sympathetic. $5.00

"The In Two Minds" will include both a positive and negative opinion that also comes with some bonus vitriolic comebacks. Should anyone dare to challenge you can quickly put them in their place. $10.00.

"The Mindful Megamix" is a real treat. This opulent selection of varying opinions will include skilfully manufactured "fact sheets" for you to study and learn at home so you can wow people with your vast knowledge. You'll be the talk of any social gathering! $20.00(includes complimentary gift wrapping).

"The Honest Truth" is not for the faint-hearted. Price on Application.

How is my service any different to the free opinions frequently forced on us and often overshared on social media, I hear you ask.

Well, apart from being highly personalised and creative, it probably isn't, I'm just out to make money. How'd ya like them honest apples?

Greedily taking advantage of the ever-growing market of those who are now too afraid to speak their own minds.

Why bother having your own opinion anymore when you can just adopt someone else's, often ill-informed one?

Special Introductory Offer: Buy four opinions and get one free.

The Brain Sell: Where the Only Opinion that Matters is Mine. Opening Soon!

Original opinions welcome: