A man has been sentenced for a gunpoint robbery of Napier man Alex Latimer, who was murdered over a year later.

Anthony Ngapera appeared before Judge Bridget Mackintosh in the Napier District Court on Friday morning.

He was sentenced to a total of nine years' imprisonment on charges of aggravated burglary, injuring with intent to injure, aggravated robbery, threatening to kill, receiving stolen goods and wilful damage.

The charges relate to three separate events.


Latimer was the victim in the aggravated robbery case.

According to the summary of facts, Ngapera, along with two associates, travelled to the address where Latimer and another victim were on June 12, 2017, armed with firearms.

The two other offenders hid, while Ngapera knocked on the door, initially acting friendly, as if he knew the victims.

He asked for a drink for water "for his girl" and took it outside to his associates.

Ngapera then re-entered the address, partially covering his face, pointing a sawn-off shotgun at Latimer.

An associate also entered the house with their face covered, carrying a firearm.

The third waited in the driveway, also armed.

Anthony Ngapera and Rosie Lewis appeared in front of Judge Bridget Mackintosh in Napier District Court on Friday. Photo / File
Anthony Ngapera and Rosie Lewis appeared in front of Judge Bridget Mackintosh in Napier District Court on Friday. Photo / File

Ngapera told to victims to get into the lounge, pointing a gun at them.


After arguing, Ngapera hit Latimer on the side of his head with the barrel of the firearm, with the second victim intervening.

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It led to a fight between Ngapera and the victim.

Latimer, had been ordered outside by the associate, and began to yell for help, which led to the three offenders fleeing due to believing police would arrive.

Latimer was murdered at a remote Hawke's Bay property on September 30, 2018 by David Lothian, 27, and James Webby, 25.

The pair are remanded in custody and are set to be sentenced on November 11.

Judge Mackintosh said Ngapera had appeared to reach a pinnacle of his offending and was remorseful.

She also noted he had grown up within Black Power, saying he was unfortunately a product of the environment he had grown up in.

Convicted murderer Rosie Lewis also appeared in court on Friday, due to her role one of Ngapera's aggravated burglaries (not the one of Latimer).

The summary of facts states Lewis lured a victim to an address, lying by saying only she and her mother would be at home.

Instead, Ngapera and a second offender were also at the address.

When the victim arrived, he was led inside, where Ngapera punched the victim several times, demanding cash.

He was given $25 cash, which was all the victim was carrying.

He searched the victim's pockets, taking car keys, a driver licence and an iPhone.

Lewis and the other offender searched the victim's car.

The offenders also attempted, but ultimately failed, to access the victim's internet banking.

The next day Lewis contacted the victim, saying she had not known the robbery would take place and offered to return his phone if he gave her money.

Lewis was sentenced to two years imprisonment, to be served concurrently with a life imprisonment she is currently serving for her role in the killing of Indian national Sandeep Dhiman.