It is the third time Hawke's Bay has hosted the New Zealand Royal A & P Show and fittingly the Supreme Pig of the show also has her own royal connection.

At just 3 months old, Windy Willows Mabel the 10th had a close encounter with the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles at a rural show in Fielding, when she visited with Prince Charles four years ago.

"They had a look over the pen and saw the pigs and said 'Oh - that's a Wessex Saddleback' so she got the nickname of Camilla," breeder Paul Peck said.

Judges looked for breed-specific features for the Wessex Saddleback, such as ears down to the nose and body markings, as well as other factors contributing to a perfect pig amongst the many breeds in the competition.


"They count the teating - they have to have six or seven per side - a good ham, a good shoulder and a perfect pig is meant to look like a pear shape from the back to the front," Mr Peck said

To the thousands flocking to the show in perfect weather the Royal status may have meant little, but it brings extra prestige for the rural community, resulting in record competition entries.

As for Camilla, sadly she didn't go on to win the Supreme Award for all animals competing at the Show, but that didn't bother her. She found a lawn with plenty of broad leaf weeds needing removal, roots and all.

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