Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis last week announced that a further $8 million was to be made available to continue delivering a better freedom camping system, and to encourage responsible camping across the country.

Funding would be available next summer for education and ambassador programmes, enforcement activity and the provision of temporary facilities.

"Last summer we worked hard with local government and communities to improve the freedom camping experience for everyone. The feedback we've received from councils and communities has exceeded all expectations, and it's great that we're able to do this again," Mr Davis said.

"We want to build on the success of last summer. This means making sure we're targeting funding and facilities at the right locations, to minimise any potential impacts on communities and businesses.


"We know that campers want to do the right thing, and want to travel around New Zealand responsibly. We need to support them to act as guardians of Aotearoa by providing information, education and the facilities they want to use.

"Our successful approach to responsible camping is a prime example of how the New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy will work in action," he added.

"We've shown that by working together with local government and the sector to come up with sustainable solutions to tourism issues, we can deliver better experiences for visitors and local communities alike."

The funding round would open on June 1.

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