Onerahi on Friday celebrated the launch of its sequel to the popular True Tales of Onerahi publication – a collection of stories and photos recounting the local history of the Whangārei suburb.

More True Tales of Onerahi – He Kōrero Tonu Ana Ngā Pūrākau Ō Onerahirahi is a follow-up of the first book released in 2016 complied by Agnes Hermans from the Onerahi Resource Centre, with the help of Kaylee Kolkman, Brent Mawson, Lucy Mullinger, David Boyes and Wendy Giffin.

Hermans said the new book came with a total of 106 new stories and 450 photographs.

"It's a great compilation for the community. With the first book, we were trying to make the history of Onerahi accessible to everyone. We had so much material and a well-established network that we decided to make another one."

Brent Mawson passes a copy of the latest publication to Agnes Hermans. Photo / John Stone
Brent Mawson passes a copy of the latest publication to Agnes Hermans. Photo / John Stone

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The research group roamed libraries and museums, browsed through private collections and photo albums, and talked to many families whose ancestry traces back to beginnings of Onerahi in the mid-1800s.

More True Tales of Onerahi gives an overview of the social-economic development of the suburb, looking specifically at the historically significant wharf, the old railway, the construction of the Onerahi airport and the cultural shift from a farming to a services and business-oriented community.

Hermans said they also added a timeline and a collection of stories from a Māori perspective.

She said the book was a great way to engage with the people of Onerahi and tell personal stories that are relevant to the community.

More True Tales of Onerahi is available at Onerahi New World, the Onerahi Bookshop and Book Inn Kamo as well as on Trade Me from December 16.