A programme proven to raise the education levels of Pacific Island children while supporting families is now running in Whangārei.

The PowerUp FlexiPlus education programme, which focuses on education and supporting families to help their children succeed, started this week at the St John Golden Church on Kamo Rd.

The programme is being run by Fale Pasifika, the only Northland-based Pacific service provider.

Manager May Seager said she was keen for parents to get involved with the programme.


"Many of our parents tend to leave it up to the schools to educate their children once they get to the school gate. But we need parents to realise that they, and the whole family, are part of the recipe for helping our children to do well," she said.

Earlier this year Fale Pasifika also ran a programme called Reading Together - which helps parents and whānau provide effective support for their children's reading.

This latest education programme was devised by the Ministry of Education but is run by local organisations, using local resources and people.

It is run in a family-friendly way, with a meal being provided at the start of the evening, and Pacific language weeks being highlighted during the year.

Trained teachers will run programmes from preschool level through to secondary school level.

There is also a separate programme for parents which will cover topics including approaching schools about issues, getting involved with boards of trustees and supporting students who are studying for exams.

There is a focus on education but cultural aspects will also be emphasised.

The PowerUp FlexiPlus education programme will run for eight weeks with the first four weeks starting on June 11 and two breaks during the year to allow for school holidays.


Parents are encouraged to register for the programme.

Phone 09 430 2717 or 021 238 5328, or email admin@falepasifika.co.nz for more information.