Further details about the safety and efficiency reasons behind a proposal to permanently ban the right turn out Tarewa Rd on to State Highway 1 in Whangārei have been revealed.

The NZ Transport Agency is consulting the public on a proposal to amend the bylaw to make the ban permanent.

In the information it provided as part of the bylaw consultation it said the ban "will improve efficiency and safety for all road users".

Acting senior project delivery manager Karen Boyt said the safety concern is the peak time congestion at the SH1-Tarewa Rd intersection which contributes to difficulties turning right from SH1 into Tarewa Rd and from Tarewa Rd on to SH1.


"There were 30 reported crashes at the intersection in the five year period [from] 2005 to 2009 including one fatal pedestrian accident, with most of the crashes associated with vehicle turning and manoeuvring," Boyt said.

She said the Transport Agency resolved to improve safety at the intersection and improve traffic flow by providing a no surprises environment for motorists on SH1, to reduce the crash rate and to identify a safe solution for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

"The new design widens SH1 to two lanes in each direction and has traffic lights at the Tarewa Rd intersection. Cyclists and pedestrians will have a safe roadside waiting area and be able to cross four lanes of SH1 when traffic is stopped by the traffic lights.

"The removal of the right turn movement reduces the overall number of traffic and pedestrian crossing conflicts and improves the overall efficiency of the intersection," Boyt said.

Submissions on the proposed bylaw amendment can be emailed to northlandproject@nzta.govt.nz by 5pm on April 26.