A handful of smaller projects in Whangārei have been brought forward in an effort to ensure the annual budget is still being spent.

Delays in the progress of some Whangārei District Council projects which are spread across more than one financial year mean some of the budget allocated for these projects for the 2018-19 financial year will be carried over into the following year.

They include $4.1 million for the Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant, $1.5m for recycling bin purchase, $1.2m for Pohe Island Bike Hub Carpark and $800,000 for Ruakākā Sports Field construction.

As of the end of September, the carry-forward of the capital expenditure budget of $62.6m is forecast at $8m but expected to rise to between $13m and $18m.


To balance this, some projects planned for the future which can be progressed this financial year have been brought forward.

These include $200,000 for investigation and design work for odour control at the Whangārei Wastewater Treatment Plant and $430,000 for construction on Takahe St wastewater overflow pipes.

A combined $856,000 will go towards a skate-park upgrade and carpark at Pohe Island, while $40,000 is for early investigations for a duplicate main sewer line at Parua Bay.

A total of $5.327m for the Kamo Shared Path and $2.084m for the Porowini-Maunu intersection has been bought forward to match the available NZTA subsidy and potential enhanced subsidy.

Eighty thousand will be used to demolish the old childcare building at Dent St and reinstate the grass and $150,000 will be used to replace the public toilets at Parakao.