A rescue dog has blown up social media after making a hilarious and daring escape from its owner down the main street of Kawakawa.

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue volunteer Lucie Green was taking 9-year-old Lily for a walk when she decided to treat the pedigree basset hound to a sausage.

She tied Lily to the Coca-Cola flag outside the bakery, then entered the store to buy the dog a well-earned treat.

However, Lily had other ideas, deciding a bolt down the road with the giant flag attached weaving in and out of traffic.


Green told the Herald she couldn't believe what was unfolding.

"I've done it before and hitched her to the flag and put her lead around it," she said.

"It's right next to the open doorway so she can see me when I'm ordering her sausage.

"I don't know what happened on this occasion but something spooked her and she jumped. The concrete slab on the flag scraped along the ground and then she took off. I turned around and charged down High St.

Lily the nine-year-old was attached to a Coca-Cola sign when she made a daring escape from her owner. Photo / James McDonald
Lily the nine-year-old was attached to a Coca-Cola sign when she made a daring escape from her owner. Photo / James McDonald

"It wasn't until I saw the video that I realised I had charged into oncoming traffic, which is quite alarming, but I just wanted to get hold of her before someone hit her.

"It was genuinely frightening at the time but after catching her I laughed as I'd ran the whole length of High St along SH1.

"I was yelling her name at the top of my voice. I finally caught up to her and she had turned the corner to try to take herself home.

"It was quite a long run and weaving in and out of traffic. It looks like I'm chasing a windsurfer down the street!"


But Lily and Green's ordeal wasn't over.

"After taking her home I realised I still had to return the flag and pay for my sausage. I couldn't believe it."

Lily's daring escape may have made her famous, but the 9-year-old has had a rough past.

The basset hound became homeless after her elderly carer died, but was rescued by the Bay of Islands Animal Rescue.

Lily had been with the rescue when Green and her partner took her in.

She has since been with the family for two months, with Green describing the dog as an absolute character.

"She's an absolutely lovely dog but she's a rather cantankerous old lady ad the same time.

"She rules the roost, no doubt about it."

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue has been looking after animals since 2017 after teaming up with "Never Ending Story" when the founder moved into the region.

The Animal Rescue has rehomed more than 200 dogs as well as many cats, horses, sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and rabbits.

Lily and Green's antics have since gone viral attracting more than 243,000 views in less than 15 hours.

Green has fielded friend requests from around the world, including Africa.