Northland police officer Chris McLellan is happy to provide a police escort for women in labour to hospital but more happy to leave baby deliveries to the experts.

The inspector escorted of a woman in labour to Bay of Islands Hospital yesterday - just three years after doing the same thing in Kaitāia.

"I'm only a father, but a father of three. I know when a lady in labour needs to get to hospital, she really does need to get to hospital," McLellan said after his latest dash.

McLellan said it was not often a marked police car is passed by a speeding vehicle, its hazard lights flashing. So when it happened on State Highway 10 about 8.45am yesterday the experienced officer had his suspicions.


"Instantly you get the feeling that something's not right and I thought it could be a medical incident," McLellan said.

Despite being pursued by red and blue police lights, the vehicle continued before pulling into a long driveway at Oromahoe and the male driver revealed he had been urgently summoned by his pregnant wife, who had gone into labour.

They decided a police escort to Kawakawa Hospital was better than waiting for an ambulance so McLellan lead the way, lights and sirens on, the expectant couple following behind.

"A big thank you to the other motorists who kept clear. We created a clear path and travelled at a nice pace through to the hospital where the lovely staff were waiting for our arrival," McLellan said.

The Northern Advocate had not heard whether the baby had been delivered.

It's not the first time McLellan has been involved in dash to hospital with a woman in labour but he reckons having witnessed the birth of his three children he was happy to leave it to the experts to do the delivery.

In February 2015 a high-speed police pursuit near Awanui became a police escort to hospital for the speedy delivery of a healthy baby boy.

McLellan was on his way to work at Kaitāia in an unmarked car when he saw the speeding 4x4. He signalled for it to stop but the woman driver ignored the flashing blue and red lights.

"I engaged in a pursuit. The speeds were getting up there but the vehicle was staying in the lane and the driver was indicating when they passed other traffic. It didn't feel like your normal pursuit that usually involves some erratic driving."

When the driver stopped and explained she had a woman in labour who needed to get to hospital the pursuit became a police escort.

And Mangonui couple Rachael Tau and Paul Marsh had a healthy baby boy William.