The number of councillors, the number and names of wards and more are all under the spotlight as Whangārei councillors review the district's representation.

Every six years, the Whangārei District Council is required to review how the district's citizens are being represented on the council.

The outcome of the review will be used in next year's local body elections.

Council senior legal advisor Kathryn Candy said it was important for the council to understand what the community wanted before it made a decision on what those arrangements should be.


"Your feedback on these issues will guide council with making its initial decision on representation arrangements. Once that initial decision has been made, council will then undergo a formal consultation with you to get your submissions on that initial decision. We expect that formal consultation process to be in August 2018," she said.

The council is seeking the public's thoughts through an online survey.

It asks questions about potential changes to the six-ward structure, the possible introduction of community boards, whether the current set-up reflects the district's communities of interests, the number of councillors and the names of the wards.

The survey is available on the Whangārei District Council's website, where it can be filled in online or downloaded and printed out. All responses must be submitted before June 27.