Summer holidaymakers might not think bottlenose dolphins and myrtle rust have much in common but the Department of Conservation has them side by side in a keeping Northland safe campaign.

DoC has put together seven ''safety'' tips to help protect the area's wildlife, forests and places of natural beauty.

They include respecting the Bay of Islands bottlenose dolphins' right to a midday break from adoring crowds and preventing the spread of tree killing diseases like kauri dieback and myrtle rust.

There are also tips about kiwi, pest free islands and even the family pet.


"This summer we want to encourage locals and visitors to explore Northland and the special places on offer, but remind people to take care and protect our species and forests at the same time," said Northern North Island operations director Sue Reed-Thomas.

"We often see tips for keeping people safe over summer, and thought a list of tips to protect the land and species was a good idea, from the glorious bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Islands to our magnificent kauri.

''We want to make sure people are aware of their actions and the impact they might have on them.''

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