The Whangarei Bird Recovery Centre is warning people not to taken in by a possible phone scam asking for $100 donations to help keep the centre running.

Centre founder and manager Robert Webb said the centre never asks for money by phone or via street or door collections.

He said he recently heard second hand about a person being telephoned by someone claiming to be from the centre, asking for a $100 donation.

While donations were always welcome, there were water-tight procedures for making payments, Mr Webb said.


''We'd gladly accept any money but it has to be done by donations made to us direct, or through the bank account on our website.

''We never, ever ask for money over the phone.''

Mr Webb has put a message on the centre's website warning people scammers could at work.

''Yes, we need all the money we can get especially at this busy time of year, but I don't want some scumbag out there taking money from generous people in our name, under false pretences. 'If members of the public want to make donations they can call the centre and ask for Robyn or myself and we will them what to do.''

He said the centre always gave donors receipts.

Whangarei police told Mr Webb they needed more evidence before they could investigate the matter.

''Our advice to the public is that if you receive a phone call you believe to be a scam we encourage you to disengage the phone call and never give out your personal or financial information,'' a police spokeswoman said.

'' If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, we encourage you to contact your local police station.''