Organisers hope some changes to Whangarei's Gourmet Night Market will make it easier for hungry diners to negotiate the food stalls.

Thousands of people turned out for the first market last month and just as many are expected this Friday on the Canopy Bridge at the Town Basin.

The woman who has made the market happen, Leeann de Vries, said she had taken on feedback after the first market and changes had been made which would make the market run smoother.

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An estimated 3000 people fronted at the first market on October 13 which saw 34 stall holders sell out of food.

Most of the feedback after the first market was around congestion, long wait times, and having some sort of control management in place.

Changes people can expect to see on Friday will be barriers on the bridge, defining a walk way to allow better movement of people out of the way of people waiting in queues.

"It will separate those who want to keep walking and seeing what stalls are available and the loop walkers from those who are ordering and lining up," Ms de Vries said.

Signage up high will also be another addition.

The signs will indicate which stalls have vegan or vegetarian options. The signs will also indicate where to order and where to wait.

"We are putting in a lot more rubbish bins which will encourage people not to dump on the ground."

All the tables and chairs that were on the bridge are to be moved on to surrounding green space where they will be less obstructive.

"It will create more room for crowds to move freely," Ms de Vries said.

Musicians will also be placed differently this time round and will be dotted around the venue. And the good news is there will be even more varieties of food on offer.

"We want to keep things fresh and new and different. It's about offering food that is not normally available here in Whangarei."

Some of the vendors from the first evening are not available this time so have been replaced by other stands offering something different.

"We've got more creative about how the stalls are going to be set up. It will still be tight but it will allow more space and we want to minimise congestion as much as we can."

Ms de Vries said vendors would come better prepared this time as no one could really have expected the huge turnout the first time round.

"It's small steps. It's taking some of these issues and making changes and some of these things can happen quickly and some of these things take time."

She said there were lots of comments about changing the venue, but that was not a simple task.

"We are staying where we are for now and we will make the best we can in this space here, it's about getting creative until we can find a longer-term solution."