May I purchase a mattress only?

ABSOLUTELY - YES. If you have your own base or slat bed, you can certainly buy a mattress only. Our pricing in store always offers the mattress price as well as a full set price.

What do I need to be aware of when buying a mattress only?

There are a couple of important things you do need to consider. Firstly, is your current base or frame still in good condition and sturdy enough to support the mattress?


And you also need to consider the height of your current headboard, as most mattresses these days are a lot thicker than what they used to be.

There is nothing worse than realising that your headboard has disappeared behind the pillows, or your bed is now way too high for you to comfortably get in and out of.

What about a new bedframe?

If you do need to buy a new frame, we at BedsRus deal with a range of NZ manufacturers. The benefit of NZ made, is we can usually customise the frame to suit your needs. We can have the height of the headboard adjusted to suit your mattress or placement of lights/windows etc. Also we can lift or lower the entire frame so you have the optimal bed height to suit your needs.

While on the point of custom design, you can also alter the colour with a variety of different stain options to choose from.

Waiting for a special order need not take forever as we have a great relationship with a local supplier who normally completes this work in a couple of weeks.

For those who do not like the look of the normal bases that accompany the mattresses, or those who want a bit of storage room, we are able to offer a bedframe which does not include a headboard and has rounded corners, so nothing to bump your shins on. You can still attach your existing headboard or upgrade to the more popular upholstered headboards which come in an array of designs, fabric options and heights. So please pop in to discuss your special requirements and we will do our best to match you to your perfect sleep.

PS: Please remember information is always free, so if you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800141640(option2), 7 days a week. Till next time...Cheers, Corgi