Hikurangi's rundown tennis courts are set for new lease of life and set to become a multi-sports hub.

The land, which was owned by the Hikurangi Tennis Club, has been gifted to the Whangarei District Council, who will upgrade the courts to a multi-use sports facility with lighting.

The new courts will cater for tennis, football, futsal, netball and hockey.

A design for a synthetic turf surface - complete with line markings and the necessary fixings for those sports - has been drawn up.


At the moment there are three asphalt tennis courts, some fencing and a small clubroom building which have all fallen into disrepair.

The courts are located near the bowls club and sports grounds, as part of a recreation hub.

The tennis club had requested the council fund the upgrade and take ownership of the land, and councillors have approved the purchase of the land for a nominal $1.

Councillors commented that local children will no longer have to commute to town to access sports courts, but can just walk down the road and play.

Many agreed it was a huge step forward for the community.

Councillor Greg Innes said communities need to be as self-contained as possible.

Councillor Chricton Christie supported the project but said this shouldn't necessarily be used as a blueprint.

He said the council should encourage groups to do it themselves, because there is large amounts of outside funding the groups cannot access if the council takes on the project.

The council had allocated $315,000 in the 2016/17 Annual Plan for the work. Tenders for the upgrade were called last year but only one tender was received and it was considered too expensive.

The project has been carried forward and will be re-tendered in this financial year.

The construction of the court is estimated to cost $235,000, with another $50,000 for lights. Design, consents and legal fees make up the rest.