Kristin Hayes would love it to snow at the Northland family farm again but she doesn't think it's cold enough yet.

In July 2011 snow fell in Jones Rd, near the Tutamoe Settlement, where Mrs Hayes' husband's family have lived since 1959.

But despite a cold snap due to blanket southern and eastern regions of the North and South Islands over the next few days, Mrs Hayes thinks the weather is too mild for snow to fall in Tutamoe.

"I'd love it to happen again but it's too mild.


"Leading up to it last time we had quite a bit of a colder spell then and it hasn't been that cold lately."

And she may be right.

MetService meteorologist Ciaran Doolin said there is some ugly weather in store for Northland but it's not cold enough for frost.

"Northland will probably wake up to fairly abysmal weather. [Today] the forecast is scattered showers turning to rain in the morning with heavy and thundery falls possible with westerlies changing to southerlies in the afternoon.

"Thursday is going to be a little better but not a huge improvement. A few showers, mainly in the west, and southerlies strong in exposed areas."

Mr Doolin said today the low for Whangarei is expected to be 5C with a high of 13C, while a low of 7C and a high of 11C is predicted tomorrow.

Dargaville can expect a low of 8C and a high of 13C today and a low of 9C and a high of 12C tomorrow.

Meanwhile in the Far North a low of 4C and a high of 13C is expected in Kerikeri, while tomorrow will bring a low of 6C and a high of 11C.

Mr Doolin said Kaitaia can expect a low of 6C and a high of 14C today and a low of 6C and a high of 12C tomorrow.

"It's not going to get cold enough for frost," he said.

Mr Doolin said the showers should become isolated on Friday, clearing on Saturday, while Sunday is expected to be cloudy.