A relatively warm but wet week is in store for Northland as a front possibly brings heavy rain across the region from the Tasman Sea.

MetService meteorologist April Clarke said showers across Northland today would likely get heavy tomorrow when things would "turn to custard" across the region.

"There's a northwesterly coming from the North Tasman Sea and when you get a weather pattern from there it invariably brings lots of moisture, so there will be rain," she said.

"Northland will get it first, with things starting to deteriorate first the further north you are. [Today] there will be showers across Northland, but particularly in the east and it will be quite gusty too. [Tomorrow] the moist air will really hit you in the afternoon with a 40 per cent chance of heavy rain."


Thursday and Friday would also see rain, but no heavy rain warnings or weather watches have been issued by MetService at this stage.

Ms Clark said the week would be warm too, with overnight lows sitting between 11C and 15C and daily highs of 17C to 19C - relatively warm temperatures for the time of year.

The weather was likely to clear up for Saturday, and while more rain was expected from Sunday it probably wouldn't be as heavy as that expected this week.

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