Another Northland Grey Power group is meeting to vote on whether to support legalising medical marijuana.

In April the Otamatea Grey Power federation put its weight behind the legalise medicinal marijuana movement, saying they want to have the choice of dying pain-free.

Otamatea Grey Power president Beverley Aldridge said she had grown tired of watching friends and family suffer serious illness while the drugs they were given had side effects as bad as the symptoms they were designed to treat. Medicinal marijuana, she believed, was the answer.

The move sparked a war of words between Grey Power national president Tom O'Connor and the Cannabis Party, with Mr O'Connor saying he was worried about "single issue" groups trying to capture "naive" Grey Power members to promote their cause.


But in May Whangarei Grey Power also voted to back legalising medicinal cannabis and said it's not being naive in making the decision.

Kerikeri Grey Power will hold an extraordinary general meeting on November 16, and one of the topics up for debate is to get members' views on legalising marijuana.

Other matters on the agenda include to make the members aware of what took place at and after the AGM on April 14 and for reaffirmation of nominations for the CEO role.

The meeting would be held at Kingston House, Kerikeri, at 2pm on November 16.