Three generators have been donated after a Northlander appealed for help to assist cyclone-ravaged families in Fiji still without power.

Whangarei pensioner Roy Alder made the plea after early this month returning from Fiji where he saw first hand people in rural areas without power were unable to preserve food and children having difficulty studying at night.

Worst affected are the western cane belt areas of Ba and Lautoka where Mr Alder stayed with friends.

Since the Northern Advocate ran a story on June 16, two men in Whangarei and one in Auckland have offered their generators and Mr Alder said it was a good response in a short time.


He tested a 1200 watt generator and replaced its fuel tap while he is making arrangement to bring a 7kVa diesel generator from Auckland to see how well it was running.

Mr Alder is also talking to the third donor who is giving his 2.5kv generator.

His biggest challenge now is to get the machines to Fiji and said if transport and freight companies could not come to his aid, he would fork out that expense himself.

"I'd like them to go to villagers in the interior where they can run extension leads to their homes for their lights and fridges. That big diesel generator might do six houses," he said.

"I'll see if the Red Cross can help but if all else fails and I have to do it myself, I will. We've got to help our fellow men."

Being a pensioner, he said money was limited and it would cost about $800 in airfares to fly to Fiji. A 2-3 kVA generator in Fiji cost about $2000.

He stayed with Indian friends who did not have power themselves.

"My heart goes out to them and I financially helped them while over there. They're good people and they try and I help people who try."

- Anyone wishing to donate generators or who can help transporting them to Fiji can call the Northern Advocate on 09 470 2875 and we'll put the donors in touch with Mr Alder.