A four-car pile up during rush hour in Whangarei has served as a warning to motorists to take care now the wet winter months have descended.

In a nose-to-tail crash on Onerahi Hill, four cars were damaged about 8.30am yesterday.

One of the first on the scene was Onerahi resident Toni Watts, who was on her way home from a school drop off.

"I must have just missed it all and when I drove by I saw a woman pulling a baby out of the car. I stopped and called for an ambulance," Ms Watts said.


Firefighters and St John ambulance officers were called and one driver was treated for minor injuries.

Road policing Senior Sergeant Ian Row said motorists needed to have more patience and allow for greater following distances.

He also reminded people to take care at intersections where a number of "fender benders" happened.

"It's not going to kill you to wait for another green light."