The Harvey siblings are no strangers to law and its application in the courts.

Their grandfather was a lawyer and their father is a district court judge. The latter was present to witness his son and daughter admitted as barristers and solictors in the High Court at Whangarei on Friday.

Demelza Ross Harvey and Aaron Matthew Harvey took their oaths or affirmation before Justice Timothy Brewer, witnessed by their parents and other family members, lawyers, and court staff.

Their father is resident Whangarei District Court judge Duncan Harvey.


"I am very proud of them. It's fairly unusual for two kids of a judge to be admitted, although I am not saying it hasn't happened before," Judge Harvey said.

His own father practised law in the small town of Raetihi, west of Ohakune.

Justice Brewer said the younger Harveys' admission to the bar was an important occasion not because of their entry into the profession but the right it gave to represent other New Zealanders in court.

"Without the rule of law in society, there is no freedom, no democracy, and no security to life and property, and happiness in life.

"Part of our role as judges is to see that the rule of law is not lost. Not only us, but lawyers must ensure they all play their part to ensure the law works for everyone," Justice Brewer said.

He paid tribute to all who supported the brother and sister, especially their parents.