Multiple agencies have combined to help drivers in breach of their licence conditions or those driving without a licence on Northland roads.

Police, People Potential, and Gillian Archer, Roadsafe Northland manager of road safety education programmes for Whangarei and Kaipara, have joined hands in launching an 0800 card where those seeking help can call and be referred to suitable agencies in the district they live in to help them pass their driving test and get a licence.

The new initiative came into effect just before Christmas. Ms Archer said the initiative was for those driving without a licence, as well as those breaching learners and restricted licence conditions.

All police vehicles will have the 0800 card which would be dished out to drivers found to qualify for help.


"Calls to the 0800 number will be answered by someone at People Potential, who will direct callers to appropriate agencies nearest to where they live. It won't cost people anything," Ms Archer said.

She said it was in the interest of everyone that people who were qualified to obtain appropriate driving licences obtained them.

"People are driving without a licence and it's a safety issue for us."

Ian Row, senior sergeant at road policing Northland, said there were a number of excellent organisations throughout the region which could assist drivers that needed help.

"There are people who've been on either learners or on restricted licence for a long time and are not taking that next step to get a full licence. Often there's a barrier or money that's an issue but a full licence is the only safest form of driving licence," he said.

Those wishing to seek help should call 0800 367 2562.