A boat stranded on Ruakaka Beach for almost a fortnight will be dragged up the beach, taken away and dismantled as soon as weather allows.

Northland Regional Council Harbourmaster Jim Lyle met with boat owner Geoff Phillips yesterday to make the arrangements.

Mr Phillips is unable to foot the bill at this time - expected to be at least $5000 to $6000 - so NRC would be forced to cover the initial cost of removal and then recoup the money. Mr Phillips lost almost everything he owned in the Boxing Day accident, which he described as an act of stupidity, and he is looking for somewhere to live.

Another boat mishap saw a couple rescued by helicopter overnight Tuesday/Wednesday when their yacht capsized and ran aground at the Cavalli Islands near Whangaroa.


A woman was taken to hospital with hypothermia and suspected back injuries.

Mr Lyle said the couple looked to be hiring a contractor to tow the boat off the beach.

Neither vessel had wreck removal insurance. Mr Lyle said it was a reminder for boaties to carefully check their insurance.

His office had dealt with umpteen boats that had run aground this summer, as well as thousands of visiting yachts from Auckland, and cruise ships.