Where can you hurl a hairy haggis, watch men test their strength, and enjoy piping? At the Waipu Highland Games, of course.

The 145th annual event is on tomorrow with thousands of people expected to flock to Waipu Caledonian Park for the world's longest-running Highland Games.

Jill Mutch said the Celtic Barn - built this year - would be central to the games, with a cafe and bar and food stalls based at the Barn.

"There's that indoor/outdoor atmosphere. It's really open, so you'll be able to sit down, have a drink and watch the games," Ms Mutch said.


The Waipu Highland Games will feature the usual Highland Heavyweight competition, which will include tossing the caber, tossing the sheath, a 56lb (25kg) chain-weights throw, a 22lb (10kg) hammer throw and 22lb rocks thrown like shot-put.

"We also had the have-a-go events last year, which gave adults and kids the chance to try what the men do in the heavyweight competition. This year, we also have 'hurl the hairy haggis' for the children."

Ms Mutch said, at midday, the Ballistic Blondes will be dropping in again as they skydive into the main arena. The games will start at 9am with the march of the clans into the Caledonian Park and will conclude with the ceilidh at 7pm in the Celtic Barn. The host this year is Clan Donald. For more information on the games, visit www.waipugames.co.nz.