It seems hard to believe that our council is considering renting out the old Harbour Board building for a peppercorn rental.

This building is best described as a lemon of an investment, purchased by a previous council.

Here is a chance to get a return from this building that has already cost ratepayers millions of dollars.

When the Prosper Northland Trust proposed using this building for the Hundertwasser Art Centre (HAC), they stated in their fact sheet that they put out for the referendum, that there would be "No ongoing ratepayer costs", and they also forecast that the HAC would make a surplus of $500,000 plus per annum. So they will certainly be able to pay a market value rent.


Our mayor, and her council need to realise that ratepayers don't have an endless supply of money for them to give away.

And if they need some ideas on how to spend some of that rent, then maybe they should take a good look at the berms around their city that need mowing!

Gary Price
Parua Bay