They're like Dr Seuss characters with multicoloured mohawks.

Tartan twins Josh and Luke Carter added colour to the Waipu Highland Games novice heavyweight events yesterday with their jokes, brightly coloured shorts and matching tartan mohawks.

The 35-year-olds are identical mirror twins, Luke is left-handed and Josh is right-handed. The pair have been competing against each other at the games for four-years.

"It stops us from drinking on New Year's Eve, well kind of we finished at 2am this morning," laughed Luke.


The brothers are both from Whangarei but Luke lives on Auckland's North Shore while Josh lives in Otaika.

The Carter twins first decided to do the games for "a bit of fun" and have since kept competing. Luke admitted (while his brother was turned the other way) that Josh was the better competitor.

"He's the good one, he came third in the sheaf toss last year," said Luke.

Josh said the two are very close, but extremely competitive.

"We have been since birth," said Josh "He came out first and I've never heard the end of it."

Despite the sibling rivalry the two were supportive of each other on the day, while Luke was competing in the caber toss Josh was loudly cheering from the sideline.

Their matching haircut was a spontaneous decision. Josh said it was a wee mistake his wife made while she was giving him a trim.

"She was giving me a number two and she said 'I'll just get the back' next minute I hear an 'uh oh'. There's two people you don't want to hear say 'uh oh' it's your doctor and your hairdresser," he laughed. "We decided we'd match with the tartan last night, it seemed like a good idea at the time."


The two are quite humorous, when asked what their favourite event was Josh said the caber toss, Luke had other ideas.

"The beer tent," he laughed.

"You'd think that would be an event at Scottish games," said Josh.

The pair said they'd be back next year but whether they'll bring the matching hairdos, they're not too sure.