Northlanders wanting to learn how the Internet and Mana parties will work together and the alliance's policies can talk to Internet founder Kim Dotcom, leader Laila Harre and Mana Party leader and Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira when the trio head out on a road trip through the region.

The road trip will make four Northland stops: Te Ahu Centre in Kaitaia on July 15; Kaikohe Memorial Hall on July 16; Kerikeri Turner Centre on July 17 and Whangarei Intermediate School on July 18. All meetings start at 6pm.

"Talking with the people about the issues that matter to them is what Internet Mana is all about," Mr Harawira said.

Details of some policy announcements from the Internet Mana Party alliance will be released during the tour, with the trio outlining what the party stands for at the public meetings.


There would also be a question-and-answer section at the end where the audience could quiz the trio, Internet Party spokesman John Mitchell said.

Mr Mitchell said the trio would also be out on the streets at each of the centres talking to the public, but he could not reveal what policies might be unveiled on the tour.

The alliance was working on policies for responsible government, health, the environment and regional development to be rolled out soon.

Mr Mitchell said there had been plenty of interest, particularly from younger voters, on what the party stood for and the trio expected plenty of questions about that aspect of the party.

"The biggest part of the tour though is to be at places where the people are so that Laila, Kim and Hone can get a feel for what matters to them, what are the issues that matter for the people and how Internet Mana might be able to answer them," he said.

"But most importantly it's about listening to people. In Northland many people feel very much left out of the political process, and feel that their region has been ignored by successive governments as Northland is seen as a safe National region - we want to change that and give Northland the representation it deserves."