You're reading New Zealand's best regional newspaper.

The fact you're reading it means you are part of its success, because the Northern Advocate is one of the few papers in the world that can claim to have increased its readership in recent years.

Aside from readers like yourself, several factors have contributed to our readership success, which has translated into award success in the past few years.

These factors include switching to morning delivery, changing with the times to compact format, endeavouring to live up to our masthead as an advocate for the region, and speaking out on important regional issues.


On Friday, the Advocate was announced as New Zealand's best newspaper in the "30,000 circulation and under category" at "The Canons" - New Zealand's annual newspaper awards.

There's only one other category - the over 30,000 section dominated by the likes of the Herald, Weekend Herald etc.

If we take into account the paper's success at this year's APN regional newspaper awards, where we were adjudged best regional paper, we can proudly say we're New Zealand's best regional paper.

The Canon judges said the Advocate was noisy and opinionated, but with a clear affection for its readers.

A few years ago, we made a conscious decision to reinforce the fact we are the biggest, most reliable news-gathering force in the region.

In other words, we are number one in Northland for local news.

We also made sure we undertook that role with an understanding that it is a privilege, not a right, and that we need to carry it out responsibly.

We are number one in Northland, we are currently number one in New Zealand and we do not take any of that for granted.

We are very grateful for your part in our success - thank you.